Purchase Wood Policy

Dunkley is committed through the application of personnel and resources to implementing and achieving the Sustainable Forestry Initiative principles. The 2022 Fibre Sourcing Standard will be used as a framework to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable forest management in the procurement of purchase wood.

Dunkley Lumber will adhere to the following practices when purchasing wood:

  • Promote the practice of sustainable forestry and provide information about the SFI program to wood suppliers;
  • Encourage wood suppliers to employ qualified resource and logging professionals and make available a list of such professionals as appropriate;
  • Wood will not be purchased from unknown sources;
  • Wood will not be purchased from sources that are known to employ forest practices that are not consistent with the principles of sustainable forestry;
  • Wood will not be purchased from illegally harvested forests; and
  • Wood will not be purchased from outside North America that is identified as biodiversity hotspots.

If wood offered for sale does not adhere to the Purchase Wood Policy, Dunkley will not purchase the wood.