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Service is our product

Dunkley Lumber has been developing relationships with customers around the world for over sixty years. As customers, you are part of the Dunkley family. And we’re committed to working with you to ensure our mutual success.

Accurate, on-time delivery is our commitment to you. We use a bar-coding and inventory control system that monitors both domestic and export orders, which allows for verification of shipment destinations and delivery time. With two independent transport systems, we have the flexibility to deliver into any market at the customer’s call.

Global reach

In addition to shipping North America-wide, our products are Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) certified and we regularly export #1 JAS to Japan. China has also become an important emerging market for both our lower grade and structural grade products.

Making the grade

As the company’s grading inspection agency, the Council of Forest Industries of British Columbia (COFI) inspects our lumber products on a regular basis.

North American Sales


Glen Sawkins

Sales Manager

Phone: (250) 998-4415

Fax: (250) 998-4346

Cell: (250) 612-9199


Glen has been with Dunkley since 1991. He assumed the role of Sales Manager in 2012 with almost 17 years of experience in the Sales Department. Glen has extensive knowledge of our lumber products as well as the production process. He would be happy to discuss your specific product needs. He can be reached at his desk from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (PST) and also on his cell phone approximately one hour on either side of these times.


Peter Novak

Lumber Sales

Phone: (250) 998-4224

Fax: (250) 998-4346

Cell: (250) 640-3593


Peter has been with Dunkley since 1999. During that time, he has worked in both the Forestry and Shipping departments and he brings that experience with him into the Sales Department. He would be happy to discuss any lumber needs you may have. He can be reached at his desk from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm (PST) and also on his cell phone approximately one hour on either side of these times.

Overseas Sales


Overseas sales are conducted through Interex Forest Products. Please contact the Interex representatives listed below if you have any questions concerning overseas lumber purchases.

Bruce Pollock

Vice President

Phone: (604) 801-7202

Fax: (604) 602-4743


Sean Steede

Manager – Lumber Products

Phone: (604) 801-7204

Fax: (604) 602-4743


Yi (Shawn) Huang

Sales Representative – China

Phone: (604) 801-7221

Fax: (604) 602-4743