Sustainable Forest Management


As a family-owned company, Dunkley Lumber Ltd. considers stewardship of the forests under our management to be one of our primary responsibilities.

We believe the forests should be healthy and productive for generations to come. By retaining a positive environmental balance, the forest will continue to provide economic and social benefits for our company, our employees and our communities.

Our forest management practices reflect this belief.

Dunkley manages Tree Farm Licence # 53, an area based tenure, as well as two volume based forest licenses in the Prince George Timber Supply Area. Dunkley is also proud to help co-manage the forest management activities of both the Aleza Lake Research Forest associated with the University of Northern British Columbia, and the College of New Caledonia Research Forest. The research forests are area based forest tenures also located in the Prince George Timber Supply Area. All of the forest tenures that Dunkley manages consist of government owned land where the right to harvest and manage the forest resources are granted to the tenure holder by the province of British Columbia.

In addition to containing some of the finest stands of timber in the British Columbia interior, an abundant variety of flora and fauna thrives within the forest tenures that Dunkley manages. Biodiversity of the land base is key to sustainability, and we strive to ensure that all aspects of our forest management promote a healthy environment.

The forests under Dunkley’s management are a resource shared with the people of British Columbia. As public land, the areas are open and accessible for a wide variety of uses. Therefore, our management goes far beyond its value as a timber resource, and extends to integrate range, recreation, fish and wildlife activities. By integrating non-commercial forest activities, we believe we are helping to enhance the overall use and enjoyment of the area by all.

In addition to tenure volume, Dunkley purchase a significant portion of the fiber needed to supply the sawmill. The purchase volume includes wood from other Sustainable Forest Management certified organizations, including other forest companies and British Columbia Timber Sales. Dunkley also purchases wood from non-certified sources including, for example, woodlots, community forests and First Nations.

Dunkley is a participating member in the Western Canada Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee (WCSIC). The WCSIC has developed programs to promote and assist in the implementation of sustainable forest management practices within the purchase wood program.

Our commitment to the economic and environmental sustainability of TFL 53 is demonstrated by our Environmental Policy and our adherence to the rigorous certification standards of the Sustainable Forest Initiative program.


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