Indigenous Peoples’ Policy

Dunkley commits to broadening the practice of sustainable forestry on all lands through recognition and respect of Indigenous rights and traditional forest related knowledge. We believe Indigenous partnerships are integral to a stable and sustainable forest economy.

Dunkley recognizes the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action for Business and Reconciliation.

Across our organization we are committed to:

  • Seeking and welcoming opportunities to learn about the Indigenous Nations whose territory we work on and to advance cultural awareness with employees and contractors through training and other learning opportunities.
  • Working with Indigenous Nations to create respectful and successful partnerships that are mutually beneficial and promote superior forest stewardship, and natural resource stewardship that includes non-timber forest products
  • Meaningfully engaging with Indigenous Nations on forest development plans and activities
  • Communicating through appropriate protocols, as per the individual Nations established and preferred process
  • Receiving and respecting information on spiritual, historical, or culturally important sites, and revising plans where necessary
  • Working with Indigenous Nations to address and achieve community goals around the economy, employment, education, and health & safety