Dunkley Lumber Ltd. is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and promoting a strong safety culture within the company.

Dunkley’s occupational health and safety objectives are to:

  • take all reasonable care to prevent work related accidents through recognition, evaluation, control and, wherever possible, the removal of hazards;
  • conduct employee orientations with an emphasis on safety;
  • identify workplace hazards and take timely corrective action;
  • communicate health and safety responsibilities.

To achieve these objectives, specific responsibilities have been assigned through the Company.

Senior Management is responsible for:

  • maintaining a comprehensive occupational health and safety program;
  • establishing and maintaining adequate standards, policies, procedures and work practices to provide a safe working environment;
  • establishing and maintaining adequate standards of maintenance and repair of plant and equipment;
  • ensuring that all physical and health hazards are guarded against or eliminated; and,
  • ensuring continuous improvement by conducting planned and periodic reviews of our health and safety performance.

Managers and Supervisors are responsible for:

  • ensuring that employees are instructed and trained in safe working practices to comply with established Dunkley Lumber policies and procedures;
  • ensuring that employees use proper work methods and follow all appropriate policies and regulations; and,
  • reporting to Senior Management any real or potential safety or health hazard.

Every Employee is responsible for:

  • using proper work methods and following all established safety policies, procedures and regulations;
  • working in a professional and safe manner to avoid risk to themselves and others; and,
  • identifying any real or potential safety hazards and reporting them to his or her supervisor.

It is a responsibility of each and every employee to promote a safe and accident free working environment at Dunkley Lumber Ltd.