Environmental Policy

Dunkley Lumber Ltd. and the people who work here are committed to the responsible stewardship of the environment throughout our operation. Our philosophy of continuous improvement, in both forest practices and manufacturing, aims to achieve the most efficient and sustainable use of the forest resource.

We are committed to:

  • complying with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe;
  • striving for continuous improvement of our operations, preventing pollution and reducing or eliminating impacts of our operations on the environment;
  • promoting environmental awareness;
  • undertaking periodic environmental audits of our operation;
  • conducting ongoing reviews of our practices and procedures to ensure that we are achieving the commitments made in this policy; and,
  • managing forest land in a professional and sustainable manner consistent with Dunkley’s Forest Stewardship Plan.

The contributions of the people who work at Dunkley, the efficient utilization of the forest resource and the responsible stewardship of the environment are the foundations of our success.

We are proud of our environmental record and will continue to share our environmental performance with employees, customers and other interested parties.