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CNC receives largest research grant in college’s history

nsercCNC officially received its largest research grant ever Thursday, which will see more than $2 Million invested into forestry innovation in central BC.

The college received $1.88 million from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and $200,000 from the CNC Research Forest Society to research innovations in the forestry industry.

“Our goal is to help the forest industry become more innovative and competitive, while giving our students opportunities to work on cutting-edge technology and innovation opportunities facing the sector today,” said Hardy Griesbauer, CNC’s Director of Applied Research and Innovation. “The forest industry faces a number of challenges, including reduced timber supply from the mountain pine beetle, a skilled labour shortage, and a range of impacts from climate change.  At the same time, emerging technologies and information may be able to help forest companies overcome these challenges.”

“We would like to thank NSERC and our partners for this very large investment in applied research at CNC.”

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