Wood Innovation and Design Centre


Photo: MGA – Michael Green Architecture

This November, Dunkley Lumber VP, Jason Fisher, got a chance to tour the first two floors of the Wood Innovation and Design Centre in Prince George, which began construction in September. He came away impressed with the variety of wood products going into the construction, the speed with which these different wooden components could be installed and the beauty of the structural pieces, most of which will be left uncovered in the finished building. Jason is also happy to report that he spotted Dunkley Lumber 2×6 being used to construct infill walls. If you want innovation, you need to start with quality!

When finished, this will be the tallest wood-structure building in North America. As described by COFI, this innovative building “features an all-wood structure on top of a concrete foundation, utilizing glulam beams, cross-laminated timber panels, and other wood products. UNBC will occupy nearly half of the building, providing Engineering classrooms, offices, a lecture theatre and research/teaching lab.”

For more information please check out this link to the University of Northern British Columbia’s website, which features two live-cams showing the ongoing construction:

Dunkley Lumber to jointly manage the College of New Caledonia’s Research Forest 


Dunkley Lumber and the College of New Caledonia are pleased to announce that they have entered into a long term agreement to jointly manage CNC’s research forest.  The agreement will see Dunkley work with CNC to manage the research forest through 2023.  This agreement helps support CNC’s vision to have an economically self-sustaining and environmentally sustainable Research Forest.

The research forest provides CNC with opportunities to conduct research that will be of benefit to the forest industry and help British Columbians better understand our forest resources.  It also provides students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge they are gaining in the classroom into a real world setting.  Finally, money earned from the sale of timber from the research forest will help to support the Natural Resources and Environmental technology program for years to come.

Jason Fisher, Vice President of Dunkley Lumber: “We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to and work with CNC, an iconic institution in the northern interior.  CNC has provided valuable knowledge and skills to many of our employees.  In addition, CNC grads are out in the communities providing the services that make the northern interior such an attractive place to live and work.”

The CNC Research Forest Society has oversight of the Forest and research activities, and is composed of a number of committed and engaged industry, government and First Nations representatives.

More information can be found about the Research Forest at: